Thursday, April 28, 2011

Travel and Whatnot:

I have upcoming travel to the following, link to the eblast below:

New Hampshire


A shot from a recent story on the last company town in America - it closed last month in Nevada:

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Military Exercise: Early AM Pancakes for Esquire and a feature in Photo District News

Below are some images and the actual pages from the just-published Spring Style Issue of Esquire Magazine (March, 2011.) This was my first job for them and I was stoked to spend the early morning hours shooting the overwhelming process of cooking breakfast for the 5,000+ students at the Army's West Point Academy in upstate New York. We arrived at 2:30 AM and the multiple enormous kitchens were already alight with activity. Aside from the clockwork-like logistics and the multitude of tireless staff, the meal itself is a spectacle to behold. Though the preparation takes over four hours, the meal is consumed by the entire student body in under eight minutes - from entering the dining hall in formation (see below,) to eating, to rising and leaving in an equally organized and seamless fashion - there is nothing left to spontaneity. It was over before we really had a chance to admire it. The blueberry pancakes were outstanding. 

4 chefs on either side of the wall (at left) simultaneously pour and flip pancakes for hours before sunrise.

One of the early morning chefs.

Coffee dispensers for the cadets - this is only half of them.

Industrial-sized bags of flour in the Cake/Bread Department, deep in the basement kitchen.

A group of cadets approaches the entrance to the dining hall in formation as the next group follows in the distance. This was just after 6AM.

The process is non-stop as there is an entire adjoining room dedicated to giant food-warmers, by now mostly full of blueberry pancakes.

The doors to the dining hall.

The staff places the food before the seated cadets, working from the giant, rolling warmers visible in the aisle in the middle/left of the frame.

The aftermath.

The pages from Esquire (click to enlarge.)

... and a PDN Feature about financing your equipment - a photo from my Coal Miners series on the left and a lengthy quote on the right  (click to enlarge and read.)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things to do in Reno when you're bored...

Some quick photos from a sleepless night this week just before my departure home. Reno is a modern ghost town in the making - deserted streets and half-lit signs comprise a disparate landscape of glitz and despair...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A few new things - more to come tomorrow...

In lieu of the impending major website update, I wanted to share some recent tears and outtakes:

From a recent Washington Post Magazine 6 page story on a rare record collector in Baltimore - Ian Nagoski.

Above: Some recent photos from the Nevada Brothels book.

A new story for Maxim where our fearless yet scrawny writer attempts to train with Dallas Cowboys lineman DeMarcus Ware - in Dallas... in August.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Christina Kim, Professional Golf and Sundance winner 'Catfish'

Some of my favorite outtakes from recently published stories...

Christina Kim, the bad-ass of the Women's PGA Golf Tour for the Wall Street Journal.

The documentary that cleaned up a Sundance this year, Catfish, is a mythical and haunting epic that leaves you questioning your own reality and excited at the possibilities of cinema. I worked with the two directors and star of the film for a crazy hour of four locations and harassment by various midtown security guards...

At left, directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. At right, documentary subject Yaniv Schulman.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"A Witty Title for Some Random Things..."

A really fun shoot with the band Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt for Paper this month - no pigeons (or bears) were harmed in the production of this photograph.

This month's Paper Magazine Fashion Spread - Fashion Editors Luigi Tadini and Zandile Blay sport their favorite looks of the summer. Also a few favorites that didn't make the mag:

Got this a few months ago and forgot to post...

A page from "Flight 93 Remembered,"a publication for the now National Park on the site where Flight 93 went down on September 11th, 2001.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Vote for me. (And some new work...)

Logistics first: I entered 3rd Ward's open call for artists this year, please help me win the people's choice award by taking a second to click here on my page:

Just go to "Rate This Artist" at the top, choose 1-7 stars, and you're done.

Here are a few adoptable dogs from my recent still/video commercial shoot for Dog Habitat - the rescue from the owners of "Unleash Brooklyn" and "District Dog." We had a challenging but fun time moving the subjects through our mini-studio. If you're interested in adopting, or know someone else who might be, forward on this page and contact Carola or Rob here: